Huichol Rug is a contemporary design piece, inspired by mexican folk art and hand-produced in Mexico 


With a clear reference to traditional Huichol’s sculptures, the design reflects a dichotomy Mexico is experiencing nowadays, both affirming its cultural identity and being part of a globalized world. 


Large - 8' 2"  x 6' 6"                 (250 x 200 cm)

Medium - 6' 6"  x 5' 2"            (200 x 160 cm)

Small - 5' x 4' 2"                      (127 x 152cm)

Custom - Custom sizes are posible.


All our rugs are produced with 100% Merino wool felt from New Zeland. 

Merino sheep have a fine hair that makes their wool extra soft. They are considered to be the highest quality sheep’s wool.  

It is biodegradable, retardant to fire and naturally waterproof! 

Our material is certified Oeko- Tek Standar 100. This means that no harmful chemicals are used for its fabrication. Click here to learn more. 



Our rugs can be made to your own choice of colors.  

Please contact us if you need a sample! 


Huichol Rug has been showcased at la Villa Noailles, (FR), the Franz Mayer Museum (MX), San ildefonso Museum (MX) Milan Fuori Salone (IT), and "Elle Festival” en Amsterdam, (NL).